Saturday, March 21, 2009

hey guys,
nice to be in on the blog scene!
little plug for a cd release concert next week by one of my groups, Flexible Music.
we're playing a bunch of new pieces for our group (gtr, piano, percussion, sax) as well as two from the cd. program and info pasted in below, you can check out cd clips at or info about the band at

take care!

Flexible Music (Eric Huebner, piano; Haruka Fujii, percussion; Tim Ruedeman, saxophone; Dan Lippel, guitar) celebrates the release of its debut CD FM on New Focus Recordings with a concert of four premieres and two pieces off the disc. New pieces by Seung-Ah Oh (Oberlin Conservatory), Ross Bauer (UC Davis), Carl Schimmel (Duke University), and New Zealander John Psathas will be unveiled alongside two of the group's favorite core pieces for their instrumentation by NY locals Orianna Webb and Ryan Streber.

$15 gets you in the door and a copy of the cd!
Wine and snacks to follow the concert.
Hope to see you there!

Sustenance Variations (2004)- Orianna Webb
Bust A Flame (2009)- Ross Bauer
The Alphabet Turn'd Posture Master (2009)- Carl Schimmel
Fragments (2009)- Seung-Ah Oh
Closing Time (2002)- Ryan Streber
Mal Occhio- (2001)- John Psathas

New CD FM!
Hout- Louis Andriessen
Flexible Music- Nico Muhly
Around the Bend- John Link
Closing Time- Ryan Streber
Sustenance Variations- Orianna Webb
Throw Down or Shut Up- Vineet Shende

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

good stuff

I just saw the amazing revival of West Side Story. It's so lovely and charming and great if you're studying Spanish like I am. All that dancing and singing- by the same people! You just don't see that anymore. My only gripe is that the score calls for NO violas in the orchestra. I just don't understand. Why, Lenny, why?
go see it if you have a chance.
Also, I played a recital this weekend in Boston. It was at this Jewish community called Havurat Shalom. Super nice people. I'm going to include a picture, just to show off the Palestinian dress my friend Melissa gave me. It was a wedding present. Seeing West Side Story was a Hannukah present from my mom. I love presents.
At the recital, I met a 5-year-old genius named Litka. She plays cello and speaks 4 languages. When she first meets you, she asks, "How many languages do you speak?" which seems precocious in a... precious way, but actually is just up-front curiosity about all the ways you could maybe communicate with her. She noticed that I played the 6th cello suite in a different key than Yo-Yo Ma plays it on her CD. She also noticed that everyone else in the audience had grey hair! I'm hoping we'll become pen-pals.