Tuesday, March 17, 2009

good stuff

I just saw the amazing revival of West Side Story. It's so lovely and charming and great if you're studying Spanish like I am. All that dancing and singing- by the same people! You just don't see that anymore. My only gripe is that the score calls for NO violas in the orchestra. I just don't understand. Why, Lenny, why?
go see it if you have a chance.
Also, I played a recital this weekend in Boston. It was at this Jewish community called Havurat Shalom. Super nice people. I'm going to include a picture, just to show off the Palestinian dress my friend Melissa gave me. It was a wedding present. Seeing West Side Story was a Hannukah present from my mom. I love presents.
At the recital, I met a 5-year-old genius named Litka. She plays cello and speaks 4 languages. When she first meets you, she asks, "How many languages do you speak?" which seems precocious in a... precious way, but actually is just up-front curiosity about all the ways you could maybe communicate with her. She noticed that I played the 6th cello suite in a different key than Yo-Yo Ma plays it on her CD. She also noticed that everyone else in the audience had grey hair! I'm hoping we'll become pen-pals.

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